Sitting is the new Smoking

Seated posture causes the spine to lose its healthy curves and increases the stress placed on your back. Prolonged sitting increases the risk for stiffness, pain or injury.

Moving from a standing to a sitting position rotates your hips, leading to the loss of the natural curve in your lower back. This weakens the support for your spine, putting uneven pressure on the intervertebral discs, notably increasing pressure on the lower back compared to standing. Moreover, sitting also stresses the tailbone and private areas.

Take your extended sitting sessions to the next level with The Productive Cloud—an ergonomic office set designed for comfort.

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The Magical Pillow

The Productive Cloud | Medical Office Set

The Productive Cloud | Medical Office Set

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Ergonomic memory foam Office Set


  • No more back pain 
  • No more stress on tail spine
  • No more feeling tired after long hours of working on your desk
Boost Your Productivity with The Productive Cloud. Its innovative design provides exceptional support for your lower back, reducing stress on the tailbone. Stay comfortable and focused during those long work sessions!

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