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Neck and Back pain shouldn't be part of our daily life?
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Crafted for Back and Side sleepers

Ergonomically designed to promote cervical alignment for back and side sleepers.

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The Magical Pillow

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work for back and side sleepers?

Yes. With their innovative ergonomic design, both the Soft Cloud and the Cool Cloud conform to your neck and head. They are designed to be supportive and comfortable for both side sleepers and back sleepers, promoting cervical alignment all night long.

Does it work for chronic neck pain?

Yes. Both the Soft Cloud and the Cool Cloud are unique in their shape and design, making them ideal solutions for those who suffer from chronic neck pain. They support the natural curve of your neck and spine, keeping your head in alignment with your back. This helps relieve pressure on the nerves in your spine, which can cause chronic pain.

How should I use this pillow to achieve the best results?

It's best to use the Soft Cloud and the Cool Cloud on their own. No other pillow should be placed underneath or above them. For those who sleep on their backs, place your head in the ergonomic dip; for those who sleep on their sides, rest your head on either of the raised lateral sides.

Can this pillow relieve arm numbness or tingling?

The unique shape of both the Soft Cloud and the Cool Cloud supports your body weight and allows space for your shoulder under the pillow, preventing pressure on your arm and thereby preventing arm numbness or tingling.

What's the difference between the Soft Cloud and the Cool Cloud?

Both have the same ergonomic design, promoting cervical alignment for both back and side sleepers. However, the Cool Cloud is slightly firmer than the Soft Cloud as it is crafted with gel-infused technology that keeps the pillow cool all night long.

I flip my pillow all night. Do you have a solution?

We understand the discomfort of flipping pillows throughout the night. That's why we've crafted the Cool Cloud, an ergonomic pillow infused with gel technology that stays cool all night long. Say goodbye to flipping and hello to uninterrupted sleep.

Do you have a pillow for sitting?

Yes, we have two pillows for sitting. We offer the Productive Cloud, an office set designed for office warriors who sit all day long, and the Support Cloud, ideal for providing support while sitting on the couch, driving, or lying on your back.

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